Thursday, 13 February 2014

Elsa from "Frozen"

I have discovered in myself a passion for costume making. :) Not that I knew anything about sewing but even so, it seems fun, and, above all, seeing the sparkle in my daughter's eyes when she is trying on a new princess' dress is more than rewarding.

Good quality and true-to-real-character costumes are so hard to find. Even the Disney store site offers some of them as character inspired costumes rather than true-to-life. And the price factor, of course.

Right now the Carnival excitement keeps me busy. Here is the second in two weeks costume, of Elsa from Frozen. Not that it is that true to the character either, but the fabric only cost me less than 15 euros. I also discovered that all those adult princess dresses are so difficult to reproduce for a 3 year old. The shape comes out completely different, and there are other considerations to keep in mind too, like comfort and safety.

Well, this is my version of Elsa, still not 100% ready. I am undecided about the cape fabric. Have something bought already but now it does not seem the best choice. I will be updating the blog with more pictures.

Trying it on in the morning


Erin said...

This is adorable! Did you use a pattern to make this?

Olkapolka said...

Hello Erin and thank you for your comment! Not really, I just made a 6 panel skirt, measuring the waits and hips and dividing by 6, and then sketched the top part pattern based on one of the dresses that has a fit that I needed. I used a transparent fabric for it and then a sequin one on top of it for the lower part (the bodice).