Sunday, 16 February 2014

Tiger girl

This is yesterday in Barcelona where Marina goes to the Russian school all Saturdays.
It was exceptionally warm for February and the walk after school was pleasant.

Jeans: Okaidi
Top: Zara Kids
Jacket: Okaidi
Shoes: Zippy Kids

While waiting for Marina, I went for a walk to Plaça Catalunya and discovered a paradise nearby! A fabric store of a style I have never seen before. Huuuuge, with lots of people and loudspeakers announcing where this or that seller is required, it seemed more like a market! Virtually ANY kind of fabric, a section of complements and lots of sales attendants in SUITS! They have a cool system: you go to the green column in the middle of the market shop and wait for your turn - all attendants come there, too. I didn't even have to wait. It was so efficient, service done with a smile and a thank you before the sales attendant leaves you by the cashier desk to pay for the treasures that are about to be yours. :) 

I bought fabric for the cape of Elsa's costume and a meter of apple-green elastic velvet (guess for what? :)) and am already planning my next visit!

Just in case you live in Spain and wonder, the shop is Ribes & Casals at calle Roger de Llúria 7, Barcelona. They also have an online shop

PS And no, this is not an advert, this is one happy customer's recommendation. :)

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My Look Inspiration said...

Me encanta el look, sobretodo los pantalones el color es tan bonito! Besos