Friday, 13 February 2015

DIY Doc McStuffins costume

If you saw the previous dinosaur post, you may be wondering why bother with more carnival costumes. However, apparently, my little princess was not ready to wear something green and shapeless in everyone's presence, so a quick same-day fix of a Doc McStuffins' costume was due.

Ok then, we did already have the doctor's kit and the shoes which I bought on sale at a Disney store. The pullover is just a random purple one with stripes. The doctor's coat is made out of a white slightly oversized shirt (was purchased a size bigger for next year but ended up finding a different use :)) with new bigger buttons and modifed collar + new pockets. The skirt is from a piece of a matching fabric, the simplest kind that you make in 15 minutes. And finally, the leggings are random pink ones with a print made on the same day, see below in detail. Oh, and the hairband is made from a simple one with a band of sparkly material attached to it with a hot glue pistol.

My little Doc McStuffins at the school carnival party.

And this is how you do the leggings. Violet colour would have been ideal but we only had pink ones, so we used white and lilac textile paints and a piece of potato to print the pattern. It dries within minutes and can be used almost immediately. And voila!

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